New Track Team Announcement

In the ‘off-season’ the first thing you tend to do is think about next season. I thought about my goals as a cyclist, what it was that I want to accomplish in the next few months and years, as well as create a plan of how to get there. Like most athletes, I tend to dream big! I started thinking about what races I wanted to be part of, how I’ll split my season between road and track racing and how each disciple makes me stronger in the other. I thought about what team was out there that aligned with my goals, and visions both on and off the track. So… I decided to create my own team!! I’ll be a one woman show.

I’m beyond excited to announce that for Track Cycling

I’ll be racing for: Fast Forward Racing



I’ve been using and loving Fast Forward wheels since I started track racing in 2012 and am thrilled that they are my title sponsor for 2015!!


There are recovery tools, recovery drinks, and then there’s a Marc Pro- the one that gets the job done.


Nuun-  Is my ‘go-to’ for all my hydration needs.


Castelli makes some of the best looking and feeling kits out there. We’ve created a custom kit and pieces for next season and I can’t wait to race and train in them!


I’m really excited to be partnering with Specialized for shoes, helmets and saddles!

SRAM-Logo1I’m happy that SRAM and it’s subsidiaries are on board as my sponsor for bike related parts for 2015. My bike is dialed thanks to them!


Clif kids Z bars are my favorite! Then add in fruit twists, blocks, Clif bars, gels and I’m in cycling food heaven.


Zealios Skin Care offers a line of sport related skin care from Shampoo and Conditioner, Sunscreen to Chamois Cream.

I’m beyond grateful to be partnering with such amazing companies for 2015! Follow my athlete page: Korina Huizar for more updates regarding my racing and soon to be announced Road Team as well as race schedules! Thanks for reading and for your support!


If you or your company are interested in partnering please email: