About Me

I’m an athlete:

I’ve been a swimmer, a softball player, a cheer leader, runner, I tried basketball but I’m vertically challenged and awful a dribbling (two fundamentals of the sport) so basketball player does not make the list. I’m a professional cyclist Road and Track cyclist and the current US National Points Race Champion.

I was raised by two athletes: Bob and Lori

Bob:  Is a retired correctional officer. He use to be a professional body builder and weight-lifter. He holds several world records in weight-lifting in the Police and Fire Olympics.  When I was a little girl I would go with my dad to his meets, I loved watching him compete. He was passionate about a sport, about competing,  and dedicated to becoming his best and he passed that on.
Lori: The adorable and cute workout instructor- that was my mom. When she was in her twenties she lived in Hawaii and was a aerobics instructor. Whenever I think of this, an image of her dancing around to 80s music while dressed in loud colors pops in my head. My mom had a different view of being an athlete; she did it to stay healthy, to have fun, and to make friends. She too has passed that on.

Krissy: She is my little sister whom I’ve always looked up to. Mainly because she was always taller than me but I finally out grew that when I was 14. She’s smart, funny, charming; can strike up a conversation with anyone and makes them feel welcome. She’s easily the coolest person I know and I thank god she’s forced to keep hanging out with me due that whole family for life obligation.

Together my parents have taught me a lot about sports, life, family and friends. I want to share my stories that make up who I am. Enjoy!

“Be the change you want to see in the world, is the famous Gandhi quote. Perhaps bloggers should be the blog they want to write for the world.”



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